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ApiSessionLinearizeFlowSegment Method

Create a linear list of a possible branching flow subtree. Tries to keep connected parts together and in linear order. Provides

Namespace:  Articy.Api
Assembly:  ArticyApp (in ArticyApp.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public List<FlowListNode> LinearizeFlowSegment(
	ObjectProxy aStartingElement,
	FlowToListTraversalType aTraversalType,
	int aMaxDepth = 0,
	bool aIncludeUnconnected = true


Type: Articy.ApiObjectProxy
The container element to start from, can be the Flow system oder or any child of this folder.
Type: FlowToListTraversalType
The strategy used when a branching is detected
aMaxDepth (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
the maximum depth for submerging (0=no limit)
aIncludeUnconnected (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
true to include unconneced segments, false otherwise

Return Value

Type: ListFlowListNode
a list of FlowListNodes in linear "document" order
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