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ApiSessionShowMessageBox Method

Shows a message box with the given parameters

Namespace:  Articy.Api
Assembly:  ArticyApp (in ArticyApp.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public MessageBoxResult ShowMessageBox(
	string aMessage,
	string aCaption = null,
	MessageBoxButton aButtons = MessageBoxButton.OK,
	MessageBoxImage aImage = MessageBoxImage.Hand


Type: SystemString
The message or message loca-id
aCaption (Optional)
Type: SystemString
The box's caption or caption loca-id, defaults to 'Error'
aButtons (Optional)
Type: System.WindowsMessageBoxButton
The set of buttons to use for the box, defaults to MessageBoxButtons.OK
aImage (Optional)
Type: System.WindowsMessageBoxImage
The image to be used in the message box, defaults to MessageBoxImage.Error

Return Value

Type: MessageBoxResult
The selected button or None when the box was closed using the window close button.
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