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Articy.Api Namespace

Public classApiConsts
static class that contains some constants and a error code helper method
Public classApiLocationTools
Helper class to work with locations
Public classApiSession
Once the session is created successfully, all further API calls are invoked on this session object.
Public classArticyApiException
The standard exception used when the API has found an expected error
Public classCloseProjectArgs
Argument class for CloseProject(CloseProjectArgs)
Public classComplexApiCallArgs
base class for the argument objects used for API calls that have many parameters
Public classExportDataArgs
The abstract base class for all specialized export arguments
Public classExportDocumentToDocxArgs
The parameter args to be used for exporting a document object to Word
Public classExportObjectSelectionDataArgs
Abstract base class for all exports that allow pre-selection of to-be-exported objects. Currently this are the office exports (DOCX and XLSX)
Public classExportToAccessArgs
Specialized argument class for the articy:access export
Public classExportToDocxArgs
Specialized argument class for the DOCX export
Public classExportToFullXmlArgs
Specialized argument class for the XML export This export currently has no other configuration options
Public classExportToXlsxArgs
Specialized argument class for the XLSX export
Public classExportXlsxForReimportArgs
Argument class for the XLSX export for Re-Import
Public classFlowListNode
Contains the information about a single node in the flow linearization
Public classFlowReference
Contains the information about a reference in the flow linearization
Public classGenericExportDataArgs
When using the method ExportData(GenericExportDataArgs) an instance of this object needs to be passed along.
Public classJsonExportArgs
Export args for the JSON export
Public classObjectPropertyInfo
This class aggregates information about a single property that is exposed from ObjectProxy
Public classObjectPropertyNames
This class contains constants for all properties that are introduced by the base objects of articy:draft. You can find type infos and restrictions in braces after the name
Public classObjectProxy
Represents one articy:draft object like it is shown in the articy:draft GUI.
Public classOpenProjectArgs
This argument object contains all parameters for the OpenProject(OpenProjectArgs) method
Public classResultSet
This object is the container of objects that were found from a query. It is also internally used to cache meta/schema data for all accessed properties from elements in the row collection. This reduces the memory footprint and gives some extra speed when having many object of the same type in the result set.
Public classRuleSetBasedExport
Base class for all ruleset based exports
Public classSimplePartitionActionArgs
Base class for arguments that require a partition Guid. Some methods only need these arguments with no additional parameters
Public classTransformer
This class contains methods to transform a selection of location objects. This object can only be created from an ApiLocationTools that is bound to a specific location.
Public classUnclaimPartitionArgs
Argument class for unclaiming partition(s)
Public classUnity3DExportArgs
Export args for the Unity plugin export
Public classUnreal4ExportArgs
Export args for teh Unreal 4 plugin export
Public classWaitForAssetProcessingArgs
Argument class for the WaitForAssetProcessing(WaitForAssetProcessingArgs) method. The main purpose is to be able to specify a log source name where progress messages should be reported
Public delegateIsObjectAllowed
delegate used to filter objects for the model picker
Public delegateLoggingCallback
The delegate used to report logging information
Public enumerationApiMode
Enum that specifies in which context the API is used
Public enumerationApiSessionFocusPane
The split-pane that should be used
Public enumerationApiSessionFocusTab
The tab to be used to focus an object
Public enumerationApiSessionFocusWindow
The window that should be used to focus and object
Public enumerationCloseProgressMode
Enumeration that describes what to do with a progress window if its operation has finished
Public enumerationContextMenuContext
Is used as a context indicator when a MDK plugin requests a context menu.
Public enumerationEntryType
Entry type of log messages
Public enumerationErrorCode
This enumeration contains error codes that are detected by the API
Public enumerationExportTextFormat
The text formatter to use when exporting text to Json, Unity, Unreal
Public enumerationExportXlsxForReimportArgsSortObjectsBy
Specifies the property that is used to sort the objects to be exported
Public enumerationFlowReferenceRefType
the different types of references
Public enumerationHierarchyAdjustment
Specifies the placement of a new document object in respect to the given context object.
Public enumerationJourneyActionTypes
Available actions to take while recording a journey
Public enumerationObjectContext
Specifies the context a given object resides. The context is calculated by checking if the given object is a child of the matching system folder
Public enumerationObjectType
This enumeration contains all object types available for API access.
Public enumerationProjectRightLevel
right levels of users in projects
Public enumerationProjectUnavailabilityReason
The reason why a project is currently not available
Public enumerationPropertyDataSubType
a more detailed information about the data type
Public enumerationPropertyDataType
known data types of fields/properties
Public enumerationPropertyFilter
Public enumerationRepartitionMode
Specifies how repartitioning should work on the given objects
Public enumerationSearchConflictsIn
Flag enum for searching for conflicts
Public enumerationSearchTextIn
Flag enum to specify where the simple text search should look up its strings
Public enumerationSelectionContext
Used when reporting a selection to an MDK plugin
Public enumerationSystemFolderNames
Technical names of system folders. These names can be used in the FROM clause of a query and to get the folder object when using the GetSystemFolder(SystemFolderNames) method
Public enumerationTextFilterRelation
Public enumerationTextFormat
Enumeration to specify if which format the GetText(TextFormat) overload should format the returned text.
Public enumerationTransformerAnchorPosition
Specifies the pivot alignment/snapping
Public enumerationTransformerTransformMode
Specifies the alignment for the bounding box used for the transformation