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ExportToXlsxArgs Properties

The ExportToXlsxArgs type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCollectStatistics
If set to true each group get an additional statistics block with information depending on the data type of the column. Defaults to false
Public propertyExporterName
Fixes the name of that exporter to "XlsxExport"
(Overrides ExportDataArgsExporterName.)
Public propertyExportMarkup
Set to true when the html/css based markup string sould be exported. Defaults to false
Public propertyExportQueries
Determines if calculated strips should be exported
Public propertyFeatureOrder
Determines the sorting of features. Defaults to "Alphabetical"
Public propertyGroupedBy
Determines in which way the objects are grouped. Defaults to "ObjectType"
Public propertyPageSize
The page size for created document. Defaults to "A4"
Public propertySortedBy
Determines how the groups are sorted. Defaults to "DisplayName"
Public propertyTablePerGroup
When set to true a separate sheet is created for any group. Defaults to false
Public propertyWhichName
Determines which naming should be used for feature/property names and for object references. Defaults to "TechnicalName"
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