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ErrorCode Enumeration

This enumeration contains error codes that are detected by the API

Namespace:  Articy.Api
Assembly:  PublicApiTypes (in PublicApiTypes.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public enum ErrorCode
  Member nameValueDescription
NotInitialized0 the API was not initialized before trying to create a session
AlreadyInitialized1 tried to initialize more than one time
DotNetFrameworkNotFound2 the required .NET framework was not found
Internal3 thrown when an internal error occured in the a:d logic
GenericException4 an unexpected exception from a lower level system was catched and wrapped
ProjectNotFound5 the project given to load is unknown (either missing rights, deleted or never existing)
SourceControlError6 an exception was catched that originates from source control (-> see inner exception)
UnknownServerError7 an articy:server exception was catched but there is no RpcStatusCode available for a more detailed error
UnknownExport8 the exports technical name is not known
InvalidExportDescriptior9 failed to parse the export descriptor or missing export type in root element
NotConnected10 an command was issued that requires to be logged on
ColumnNotFound11 a column was not found on a given object
WriteDenied12 writing to a row was denied because the row is read-only
ObjectNotAvailable13 an object that was encapsulated by an proxy does not exist any more
InvalidState14 a call is impossible in the current object/project state
UnknownPartition15 the given partition guid is unknown
PartitionNotClaimed16 tried to unclaim a partition that the API user does not own
CantForcefullyUnclaimOwnPartition17 tried to forcefully unclaim an own partition
ProjectNotOpen18 is thrown when a method expects an open project but there is no open project
ProjectOpen19 is thrown when a method expects that no open project exist but there is a open project
CantSetCalculatedProperty20 tried to write a calculated property
PropertyNotFound21 the given property does not exist for the given object
UnexpectedObjectClass22 the given class was not expected to be API exposed
ObjectNotCustomizeable23 tried to set a feature value on a non customizable object
NoTemplateSet24 tried to set a feature value on a object without a set template
FeatureNotPresent25 tried to set a feature value where the object does not contain that feature
CantSetStrip26 a strip can't be set directly
UnsetObjectStrip27 thrown when trying to access an unset object collection
UnknownDataType28 a value getter or setter encountered an unknown data type
UnknownDataSubType29 a value getter or setter encountered an unknown data sub type
InvalidValue30 the given value is not allowed for setting it to a property
ObjectCreationForbidden31 it is forbidden to create an object of this type at this target
CantOpenProject32 thrown when a project can't be opened
NeedExclusiveModeToOpen33 thrown when a project needs an exclusive mode to open but the flag was not set
NotAllowedInExclusiveMode34 thrown when partition actions are used in exclusive mode
UnknownTemplate35 the referenced template does not exist (either name or ID)
TemplateNotAllowedForObject36 the template exists but is not allowed for the object
CantSetReadOnlyProperty37 tried to set a property that is read-only
CantSetObjectAggregates38 thrown when properties of data subtype "Model" are tried to be written by the API
ObjectIsNotConnectable39 thrown when a connectable object is needed (adding pins for example)
ForbiddenPinCount40 thrown when a the operation would result in a forbidden pin count
FatalErrorDetected41 thrown when a fatal error in the business logic was detected
UnsupportedObject42 thrown when trying to access an object that is not allowed for API use
IndexOutOfRange43 list access with index out of range
ParentDoesNotAllowFolders44 thrown by create folder if the parent does not allow it
ObjectNull45 thrown then a non-null object proxy was expected but null was found
InvalidParentForCreate46 thrown when a object creation fails due to a wrong parents. E.g. Trying to import an Asset into an EntityUserFolder
NeedMoreVertices47 thrown when creating a path or polygon with violated minimum vertex count
WrongReferencedObjectType48 thrown when wrong object type is assigned to an object reference (Link or Jump for example)
InvalidTechnicalName49 thrown when an internal error occurred in the a:d logic
DisplayNameMustNotBeEmpty50 thrown when a display name is null, empty or only contains whitespace chars
ParseException51 thrown if parsing a query reported an error
AssetsNotReady52 asset system is not clean and not ready for unclaim
PartitionClaimed53 You tried to update a partition that you already have claimed
InvalidDataFound54 This error code denotes that a folder given as project folder contains a non matching project or no project at all
MissingProjectFolder55 This error code is thrown when an open project does not know where to place the project data. E.g. the project was never opened and no Project-Folder was given in the open args.
ExportFailed56 This error code is thrown when an export could not completed successfully. The reason may either be an unexpected exception from the lower layer or most likely an error condition that was also reported to the logging callback (if set)
AssetObjectExpected57 This error code is thrown when an asset object is expected but was not given.
AssetFileNotFound58 This error code is thrown when an asset
DeleteNotAllowed59 This error code is thrown when a delete is not allowed. This can be the case if an inner object is a partition root object.
CantDeletePartitionRoot60 This error is thrown when you try to delete an object that is the root of a partition
CantDeleteSystemFolder61 This error is thrown when you try to delete a system folder object (e.g. Assets)
WrongContextForDocument62 operations on documents require a context object, that must be a document or a child of a document. If this is not the case this exception is thrown.
WrongContextObjctTypeForDocument63 Only Documents & TextObjects are allowed to have children in a document.
InvalidHierarchyAdjustment64 This error is thrown if the hierarchical placement of a new document element is not allowed. e.g. Trying to add an TextObject as sibling of an Document object.
DocumentObjectExpected65 This error is thrown when an document object was expected as parameter but another was given.
ComponentLicenseMissing66 This error is thrown when a functionality is used which needs a specific license, but this license is not present.
InvalidQuery67 This error is thrown when a calculated reference strip is accessed, but executing the query fails for some reason.
InvalidVariableName68 This error is thrown when the given full qualified variable name is malformed.
NameNotUnique69 This error is thrown when a variable or variable set name is already used.
ExpressionError70 This error is thrown when an expression contains an error.
NonScriptableProperty71 This error is thrown when trying to validate an expression on a property that does not support scripting.
ObjectNotPartitionable72 This error is thrown when trying to partition an object that cannot be a partition.
RepartitioningFailed73 This error is thrown when a repartitioning action failed.
WrongObjectType74 This object passed to a function is of the wrong or an unsupported object type
ParentNotClaimed75 This error code is throw when using accessing the position/sizing members of an flow-item and the parent-container object is not claimed.
CantAddPin76 This error code is throw when trying to add a pin to an object that either has no pins (e.g Entity), does not allow to add pins (e.g. Condition) or has reached the limit of allowed pins (currently 10)
CantRemovePin77 This error code is throw when trying to remove a pin from an object that has no pins (e.g. Entity) or does not allow to remove pins ( e.g. Condition)
StandaloneMultiUserExpected78 This error code is throw when trying execute session commands that are only available for stand-alone multi-user programs (e.g. OpenProject)
MultiUserExpected79 This error code is throw when trying execute session commands that are only available for multi-user API programs (e.g. GetUsers)
ServerExceptionCatched65636 An exception was catched, no detailed error reason available
MandatoryParameterMissing65637 The call could not be process because mandatory parameters were missing
NotANumber65638 The parsing of a number failed
AccessDenied65639 The requesting user did not have the required rights to access/modify the requested information
InvalidServerState65640 The call could not be completed in the current server session state. (e.g. trying to login when a authenticated session already exists)
DataInconsistent65641 Some consistency checks on the given parameter have failed
DatabaseException65642 An error from the database query layer has been catched
NoSession65643 A method that expected an existing session was called, but the session is not available
RequestTimeout65644 The processing of a method did not return in time
RemoteRequestTimeout65645 The processing of an upsteam call (e.g. License-Server) did not return in time
NoActiveConnection65646 There was not active connection at the time a call was issued.
ServerDbUnavailable65647 This error code is thrown if you try to login to an server which did not have its database ready
ServerFail65648 generic error if the server reaches a code point where other checks already should have stopped the processing
RemoteServerException65649 The processing of an upsteam call (e.g. License-Server) has thrown an exception.
UserNotFound65736 the requested user was not found on the server or was deactivated
InvalidPassword65737 the password (hash) does not match
LoginNotAllowed65738 The login was denied because the same user has an active session from a different machine
CantCreateUser65739 The new user row can't be created because either the user already exists or no license is available
CantUpdateUser65740 The user row can't be updated because the login name conflicts with an already existing user
ProjectNotFoundOnServer65836 The requested project was not found (or deactivated)
CantOpenExclusive65837 The requested project can't be opened exclusive (already exclusively open elsewhere or locks are present)
ProjectAlreadyOpen65838 The server known that you have the project already open (it is not allowed to open the same project twice at the same time)
ClaimsPresent65839 When you try to claim an partition and that partition is already claimed, this error is thrown
ProjectAlreadyOpenedExclusive65840 The project can't be opened because it already is open exclusive by another user
ProjectDeactivated65841 You tried to open a deactivated project
ProjectUnavailable65842 You tried to open an project that is temporarily unavailable (e.g. a ForcefullyUnclaimPartitions command is pending)
UsersWorking65843 Tried to initiate a "forcefully unclaim all partitions" command while users are working in the project and you did not specify to kick those users
NeedExclusiveModeToCleanup65844 Project needs an exclusive mode to cleanup
RepartitioningActive65845 Current operation can't be executed because the publishing/commiting of an repartitioning is pending. Try again later.
NoClaimPresent65936 You tried to forcedully unclaim a partition that is not currently claimed
NeedsFullUpdate65937 The project was repartitioned, before new claims can be taken, a full project update needs to be done.
NoLicense66036 You tried to log into a server that has no license. (SystemAdmin user can still log-in to fix this)
ServerLicenseExpired66037 The articy:server main product license has expired
ServerLicenseAlreadyActivated66038 The articy:server was requested to activate a license, but is already licensed
LicenseKeyMismatch66039 The license update for the server returned a license key that was not requested (should never happen)
NoApiLicense66040 A user tried to login using the articy:draft API but the server was not licensed for API usage
NoCAL66136 A user logged in that did not have a client access license assigned (either multi-user or viewer)
DowngradeRequired66138 The server admin tries to change the license of a user to a more restrictive license (e.g. from "multi-user" to "viewer"), but the user is member of a project and has access that is not covered by the requested license. The downgrade is automatically done when the matching checkbox in the editing dialog is checked
InsufficientCAL66139 This error is returned when you try to give a user higher access than it current license allows (e.g. TeamMember level for a user with viewer license)
NoCALAvailable66140 This error is returned when you try to upgrade a user to a new CAL, but all free licenses are already used
Underlicensed66141 This error is returned when a user tries to log on an the CAL type the user owns has more licenses used than allowed. This error only can arise with CALs that have an expiry date.
CantEnterPartitioningMode66236 This error is returned when a user tries to enter the repartitioning mode, but another user already uses it.
CantConnectArticyServer69632 This error is thrown when the given server can't be connected
ArticyServerToOld69633 This error is thrown when the connected articy:server has a version that is to low to operate with
ArticyServerToNew69634 This error is thrown when the connected articy:server has a version that is to new to operate with
NoArticyServerInfoAvailable69635 This error is thrown when articy:draft was no possible to retrieve the server capability/version information
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