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ExportDocumentToDocxArgs Class

The parameter args to be used for exporting a document object to Word
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Articy.Api
Assembly:  ArticyApp (in ArticyApp.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public class ExportDocumentToDocxArgs : ComplexApiCallArgs

The ExportDocumentToDocxArgs type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCreateCoverPage
if true, a cover page will be created and the following content is moved to the next page. [default: 'true']
Public propertyCreateFooter
if true, each page gets the current page number as footer. [default: 'true']
Public propertyCreateHeader
if true, each page gets the documents display name as header. [default: 'true']
Public propertyCreateTableOfContents
if true, a table of content is created. [default: 'true']
Public propertyExportCollapsed
if false, only sections that are not collapsed get exported. Otherwise all sections are exported. [default: 'true']
Public propertyExportMarkup
if true, the text markup will be used in the export as well. if false, only the plain text conversion will be used. [default: 'true']
Public propertyExportPreviewImages
if true, the preview images are exported as inlined graphics. [default: 'true']
Public propertyFilename
the output filename to use (the name is not modified in any way, so a .docx extension should be used)
Public propertyPageSize
Selects either A4 or Letter page size.
Public propertyPortrait
if true, the word document gets portrait orientation, landscape otherwise. [default: 'true']
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