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ObjectType Enumeration

This enumeration contains all object types available for API access.

Namespace:  Articy.Api
Assembly:  PublicApiTypes (in PublicApiTypes.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public enum ObjectType
  Member nameValueDescription
InvalidObjectReference0 an object reference whose target does not exist
Project1 the root object of the project.
Flow2 the flow system folder object.
Dialogue3 the object is a Dialogue
DialogueFragment4 the object is a DialogueFragment
FlowFragment5 the object is a FlowFragment
Comment6 the object is a comment/annotation
Jump7 the object is a jump
Hub8 the object is a hub
Condition9 the object is a condition node
Instruction10 the object is an instruction node
Connection11 the object is a connection that connects two pins
Pin12 the object is a Pin
Locations13 the locations system folder
LocationsUserFolder14 a user created folder for locations
Location15 the object is a location
LayerFolder16 the object is a location layer folder
Link17 the object is a Link (placed on a location)
Zone18 the object is a Zone (placed on a location)
Path19 the object is a Path (placed on a location)
Spot20 the object is a Spot (placed on a location)
Entities21 the system folder for entities
EntitiesUserFolder22 a user created folder for entities
Entity23 the object is an entity
Journeys24 the system folder for journeys
JourneysUserFolder25 a user created folder for journeys
Journey26 the object is a journey
JourneyPoint27 the object is a journey point
Assets28 the system folder for assets
AssetsUserFolder29 a user created folder for journeys
Asset30 the object is a asset meta data object
Documents31 the system folder for documents
DocumentsUserFolder32 a user created folder for Documents
Document33 the object is a document object
TextObject34 the object is a text section of a document object
GlobalVariables35 the object is the system folder for namespaces and global variables
VariableSet36 the object is a namespace for global variables
Variable37 the object is a global variable
LocationImage38 an image object within the location
LocationText39 a text object within the location
LocationAnchor40 a anchor object for texts / images in locations
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