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Packaging / Deploying your plugin

If you want do deploy your plugin you need to put it into the proper folder structure.
articy:draft 3 searches the users profile folder located at:

%appdata%\Nevigo\articy\3.x\Plugins\Local (version 3.1.21 and below)
%appdata%\Articy Software\articy\3.x\Plugins\Local (version 3.1.22 and above)

The plugin needs to be placed into a folder that matches its name. Within that folder a folder that represents the version number is used. By default the highest version number is used by the plugin manager. So you can simply rename or delete a version folder to go back.

Within that folder there must be an AnyCPU folder if the plugin is suitable for any bitness. Or dedicated x86 and x64 folders if the plugin itself requires native libraries.

You may add any other files or folders within the version folder. This can be used to add resources that are shared between 32 and 64 bit versions of the plugin. Your plugin code can query the path from the Manifest property.

Here is an example for the folder structure:

Folder Structure