You may have noticed subtle changes in our visual imagery in the past days on the web. Today we want to make it official: we at Articy are happy to announce an exciting change in our visual identity as part of our re-branding. Since first naming the company in 2011, our team has changed. Our view of the gaming world, the problems we solve, and the people we help every day has evolved. Our new brand identity is meant to better reflect this broader view that we all share.

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The Journey

Over the past 8 years we have perfected our solution to address interactive story creation, from initial scribbles to a full-fledged project living in a game engine, all in one place. The improvements we built address three areas of the story creation process that later became the base pillars for the direction of our development and also support the design of our new webiste: Game writing, Game planning and Game CMS.

But it wasn’t just our tools that have developed; our long-term vision for the company has moved beyond the initial drafting software we had originally brought to market. Articy is today a place where creative teams come together to organize and refine their ideas, collaborate and build amazing interactive stories. Our old branding that we had grown fond of no longer represents who we are today and a change was long overdue.

The New Image

We knew we wanted our new visual identity to be timeless, elegant and to the point but more than anything we were looking to incorporate a distinctive element that could uniquely represent us and our vision. From all the avenues we’ve explored, one sketch unequivocally spoke to all of us: a concept exploring branching connectors and their association to the narrative world. The connectors are linked together to form an icon spelling the letter “A” in the same way that our solutions connect different storylines, bring together different parts of development and forge a link between content creation and integration.

The full rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of our website, logo, graphics and other visual communications that utilize simple, bold designs to convey complex solutions in an understandable way.

We are excited to have a new image that represents who we are today and has the potential to grow alongside us as we bring Articy to new heights in the journey ahead.

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