With the #4 patch for SpellForce 3: Fallen God new modding tools were added to the game. This includes a special, free, SF3 version of articy:draft, which was used to set up dialogues and other gameplay data.

With the new modding tools, you can do more than creating skirmish maps, you now can create campaigns spanning multiple maps, connect them with custom logic and bring them to life by writing your own dialogues and quests.

articy's location editior showing a SpellForce map

When Grimlore approached us about creating a special customized version of articy:draft, which would be open for all players to create content for SpellForce 3, we really liked the idea. For us it is awesome to see in how many areas articy:draft is being used now.

articy:draft as part of a modding suite is a first for us, but we are very curious what the SpellForce fans will come up with, and we will keep a close eye on the Steam Workshop to play all these cool new creations.

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