Automate tasks in articy

You like to integrate articy:draft into your fully automated build chain? Then the articy:draft API is the solution for you. Use the API to automate tasks like logging in to a given server, open a specific project, start an export or process the projects data to create statistics build task list or similar functionality.

You and even create Windows services that work with articy:draft projects.

Because the articy:draft automation API uses the same underlying programming interface like the MacroDev kit, it is easy to use code you have written for the client in the unattended API program.

articy:draft API features

  • Use a query language similar to SQL to query & filter objects
  • Create stand-alone programs (c#) working with an articy:draft project
  • Create programs that run unattended for example windows services
  • Connect to an articy:server, log in as an “API” user and update your project working copy
  • Query language similar to SQL to query & filter objects Create, modify and delete objects.
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Introducing the articy:draft API