Unreal Integration

The articy:draft importer for Unreal

To ease integrating articy:draft created content into a project that uses the Unreal Engine we released a github open source importer. Use simple C++ and blueprint interface to work with the data and get a substantial head-start into incorporating articy:draft data into Unreal projects while still having enough flexibility to adjust the importer to personal needs.

The articy:draft importer offers

  • Easy data import from articy:draft 3, including dialogue and entities
  • Full Blueprint support
  • Automatic dialogue traversal engine (Flow Player actor component)
  • Blueprint and C++ API for accessing and manipulating imported data
  • Custom editor elements to facilitate using the plugin, like a custom articy asset picker
  • Unreal localization support
  • Open Source: Customize the code as needed and create pull requests
Do you want to learn more about the Unreal importer? Read technical information Download Unreal importer and demo projects Go to Downloads