If you are using articy:draft 3 for game content and Unity as your game engine, you can rely on the articy:draft importer for Unity to easily get all data you need to the engine.

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First, download the importer directly from the Unity asset store.

Articy Draft Unity Importer on the Asset Store

If you now export data from articy –select the asset folder of the Unity project as destination path – it will be automatically imported.

Export data from Articy To Unity

Of course, if you make any changes in the articy project and do another export, these changes will be updated in the Unity project as well.

Going back to Unity, if the database panel is not yet open, go to Tools, articy:draft importer, show database panel.

Then you’ll see all imported articy objects displayed here.

To quickly test your content create a canvas UI object and drag the ArticyDebugFlowPlayer to it.

You can find ArticyDebugFlowPlayer in Articy Importer / Helper / Prefabs.

Articy Draft Importer For Unity Debug Flow Player

Then, set the StartOn property on the articy Flow player component.

In play mode you can now go through your content from the selected starting point.

If you’d like to see additional information about the Articy importer for Unity, you can find a Help pdf in the Assets / ArticyImporter folder. This pdf will provide you with a Quick Start Guide and also contains a link to the full API documentation and guides for more specific topics.

To see how data from articy:draft can be used in the scope of a Unity game project, please take a look at our FREE Maniac Manfred demo project. Simply download it using the buttons bellow.


Articy Draft FREE Importer For Unity
To Asset Store Download Package Here

Maniac Manfred Demo Project
Download articy project Download unity project

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