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Hamburg Games Conference 2023

Articy Team at Hamburg Games Conference 2023

Bringing Characters to Life in Videogames

FREE in-person event sponsored by Articy in collaboration with WGGB

WGGB Awards

Sponsoring the WGGB awards gala

IF Comp 2022

Win articy:draft prizes at IFCOMP 2022

In Conversation with Antony Johnston

FREE online event sponsored by Articy Software

Adventure X 2022

Articy Team at Adventure X 2022

GIC 2022

Articy Team at GIC 2022

Gamescom 2022

Articy Team at Gamescom 2022

GDC Relief Funds and Alternatives

The aftermath and alternative options following the official announcement that GDC will be postponed until later this summer.

Global Game Jam 2020

Articy sponsored the Global Game Jam 2020 held at the SAE Institute in Bochum


Articy team at AdventureX

Narrascope Talks

10 of the most insightful talks recorded at NarraScope 2019

Digital Dragons impressions and notes on our favorite talk of the conference

This year our team at Articy Software returned to Krakow at Digital Dragons, one of the biggest game industry events in Central Europe.

Conferences in May 2019

The second half of May this year is packed with interesting conferences and we had quite the debate internally on where our teams should go.

Visiting Clash of Realities

Clash of Realities 2018 is just over. Because of a tight schedule we only managed to take part in the Summit day, on Tuesday the 13th of November.

Amazing chats with friends @ Develop:Brighton 2017

We have to admit that we were kind of overwhelmed by what we experienced at the Develop conference in Brighton this year.

articy:draft 3 at Quo Vadis in Berlin, April 24-26, 2017

Are you going to Quo Vadis next week? We will be there, too! From the 24th to 26th of April we will reside in the awesome city of Berlin, and we are looking forward to meeting you.

Congratulations Havilah McGinnis

Congratulations to Havilah McGinnis (Writer, Director, Actress) who placed first and therefore won this year’s Write Club taking place at the Game Developers Conference.