If you’re just now starting with articy:draft, or haven’t used it in a while, this series is perfect to get you acquainted with our product and help you understand how the software works. Throughout the series, we’ll create a project in articy:draft 3 and explore the program, explain how different features work, how to use a solid workflow and avoid pitfalls.

Before we begin, it will be helpful to download the project files for the tutorial series.
Download Tutorial Project Files

Tutorial #01 – Introducing Articy

Learn more about what articy does and what you can expect from the first steps tutorials

Tutorial #02 – The Game Project

In this video we are intorducing the tutorial game project, we’ll create an articy project and give you a quick overview of articy’s UI

Tutorial #03 – Assets and the Flow Editor

In this video we will learn how to import assets, have a first look at the flow editor and explain the concept of nesting

Tutorial #04 – Introducing Templates

In this video we will learn about templates how to use them in articy; we will create our main player character and NPCs for the first mission

Tutorial #05 – Writing dialogue

In this video we will learn about a new feature property – the dropdown menu, take a first look at articy plugins, prepare the dialogue for the first mission and go through it in the simulation mode

Tutorial #06 – Global Variables and Basic Scripting

In this video we will create our first mission, introduce global variables as trackers for quests and events and use basic scripting to query variable values and change them

Tutorial #07 – The Location Editor

In this video we will create our first location, learn how to create links to other objects and export the location as an .xps file.

Tutorial #08 – Fleshing Out Mission 1

In this video we take a look at more advanced templates, use a new type of flow fragment – the instruction note – and run through the finished mission in the simulation mode

Tutorial #09 – Document View

In this video we will learn how to create text in the Document view and take a look at the Final Draft import.

Tutorial #10 – Creating Items and Item Management

In this video we will create item templates and entities and learn how items can be managed in the game with the help of global variables

Tutorial #11 – Advanced Scripting

In this video we will go deeper into the scripting capabilities of articy, allow the player to spend a skill point and prepare the 2nd customer dialogue

Tutorial #12 – Mission 2

In this video we will create the second mission and learn how to layout nodes in the flow so that they can be visited in a non-linear way

Tutorial #13 – Game Project Wrap-up

In this video we will complete the tutorial section of the game and find ways to improve and expand our project

Tutorial #14 – Conflicts and Exports

In this video we will find out how to spot possible errors and learn about the different export options available with articy and how to use them