We love stories and narrative games! It’s what drove us to create articy:draft in the first place and we are in awe of all the wonderful games that have been developed with the help of our tool.

We get genuinely excited every time our partners share their creations with us. And because they bring us such joy, we want to share them with you too. So much so that we’ll be giving away FREE licenses to games #MadeWithArticy every month.

Enter the #MadeWithArticy Game of the Month raffle

Collection of Games Made With articy:draft

Each month, starting with this one, we will select and announce a different #MadeWithArticy Game of the Month! We will give away one or more licenses of the game to our Twitter followers.
The first #MadeWithArticy Game of the Month will be announced next week! Stay tuned to our social media channels to join the raffle and find out which game you can win this month!

Want to have a go at winning a game #MadeWithArticy ?

Find out how to enter the raffle 👇
  • The #MadeWithArticy Game of the Month will be announced on our Twitter channel every month.
    To make sure you don’t miss the announcement, and activate the notifications.
  • All our followers who retweet the announced #MadeWithArticy Game of the Month within the duration of the raffle will be eligible to win a FREE license key.
    The raffle will only last for a couple of days, make sure to retweet as soon as you see the announcement.
  • Winner(s) will be announced shortly after the raffle
  • Winner(s) will be contacted through twitter to find out how they can retrieve their key

This competition is subject to the following Terms and Conditions


Is your game #MadeWithAricy ?

Find out how your game can become part of #MadeWithArticy Game of the Month 👇


  • Your game was developed using articy:draft.
  • Your game is finished and published
  • Your game can be gifted or you are willing to provide license keys.
    The license keys will be purchased by Articy Software, you can invoice us for the agreed number of license keys.
  • If your game is free, you have the means to provide in-game currency as a gift.
    The in-game currency will be purchased by Articy Software, you can invoice us for the agreed in-game currency
  • Your game has a showcase on our website or you are willing to work with our Marketing team to create one

To request a #MadeWithArticy Game of the Month raffle for your game, or to find out additional details, fill out the form below: