Meet Daniela Borkowski our Office Manager

“I am very happy about my role as office manager at Articy, because I think that this job is very diversified and exciting. Working with gamers is a completely new experience for me and I hope to have a lot of fun at work.”

Daniela is coming back to office management after taking a break to focus on her family. She has been looking for an opportunity to pick up where she left off and we are more than happy to get the extra support that allows our teams to focus on their tasks at hand.

Daniela’s hobbies include lots of reading, baking and playing board games. She is still new to video games but we’re fairly sure this is about to change with her new position here at Articy.

Cakes baked by Daniela Borkowski Articy's newest office manager

We are extremely happy to have Daniela with us and can’t express enough how much her work is contributing to all our other teams gaining focus and with that achieving their goals.

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