Meet Marco, our new Product Designer

We are glad to introduce to you Marco Michelutto who is joining Articy as our brand new Product Designer. We love his positive attitude and enthusiasm for design and are excited to share more about his experience and passions.

Marco Michelutto Portrait photo

“Working at Articy combines all the things I am passionate about: games, a good story and great design. What else could I ask for? “


Articy: Welcome Marco, can you tell us a bit about your background?

Marco: I took a very windy path to software design, starting with two degrees in Philosophy and History of Science that happened a couple lifetimes ago. Once I found my passion for designing amazing software though, I did not let go easily!

Most recently I worked as a product specialist at Third Light where I was bridging the gap between their design team and customers, but also getting my hands dirty with design myself from time to time.

Before that I did quite a few things, including having at least one (brief) conversation with a chimpanzee.

Games are also something that accompanied me throughout my life, and for a few years now I have been self-publishing D&D modules on dmsguild . You can check them out here

Articy: What can you tell us about yourself that most people wouldn’t know about you?

Marco: I have been baking bread from the same sourdough starter for 7 years now. I also love indoor bouldering (and would love to do more outdoor climbing too).

Articy: Would you like to share something from your gaming history?

Marco: A non-trivial amount of my English language proficiency comes from LucasArt games that I used to play over and over again as a kid. My favourite is still “Sam&Max: Hit the Road”.

We are extremely happy to have Marco in our team and will make sure he feels right at home here at Articy.

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