Meet Omar, our new QA team member

“When I came across Articy, I was glad and fascinated with the idea that every potential game developer could be able to accomplish such narrative excellence, thanks to the company’s tool’s focus on organizing story-building content.”


Articy: Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Omar: I have always been passionate about video games and their narrative discourse potential. My interest in journalism and story-telling led me to study my first B.A. in Literature and Spanish Linguistics in Mexico (where I am originally from). Later on, after some professional experience in software testing/asset management with Agile methodology at IBM, I decided to delve further into the life-cycle of software development (particularly, in the game industry) and pursue my childhood dream of becoming a game designer. Later, I had the opportunity to move to Cologne, Germany (where I´m currently based) to study a B.A. in Digital Games.

Articy: Please tell us something about you that most people wouldn’t know about you.

Omar: As idealistic as it may sound, I do believe that through art (and any of the components used for its creation), mankind can leave a significant mark in other people´s life.  I spend my free time occupied learning how to draw/improve my pixel art skills (long live 2D art!), Javascript (coding in general), immersing myself in good sci-fi literature, and min-maxing whatever good game captures my attention.

Articy: What can you tell us about your gaming history?

Omar: As a game designer with a background in literature and linguistics, and an avid gamer who continually engages in heavily plot-driven stories, I understand the importance of writing design when it comes to delivering compelling narrative experiences. One of my favorite game series of all time is Spike Chunsoft’s visual novel Zero Escape. Its second installment, Virtue´s Last Reward, has a brilliantly-structured interactive branching story flowchart which dared the player to test alternative outcomes and theories, carrying the knowledge gained in them into different paths, and ultimately realizing it was not a glorified tracking log (like in the majority of the games), but actually a pivotal gameplay component to the unfolding of the game’s progression’s multiple scenarios. The result is an experience of such uniqueness, which can only be described as a significant achievement for game narrative. 

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