Meet Mel Taylor, our new Product Designer

We are happy to announce that starting this week Mel Taylor will be part of the Articy team and we hope you join us in welcoming her with open arms.

If you’re a fan of Narrative games like we are, you might already know Mel from Mellow Games, from her work on Orwell or from happily meeting her in one of the industry events. If you haven’t had the pleasure just yet, we’ll let you read on to get to know her better.

Mel Taylor Portrait Picture
Mel Taylor – Reality Shaper at Articy

“I am excited to work with Articy because I love narrative game development and everything about it.”


Articy: For the audience who is not familiar with your work, can you tell us a bit about your background?

Mel: I have worked in the games industry for more than 7 years being one of the co-creators of the award-winning game Orwell. After moving to Australia, I started Mellow Games and am working on a narrative platformer called Blueberry

Articy: What can you tell us about yourself that most people wouldn’t know about you?

Mel: I am an avid ballet and jazz dancer.

Picture of Mel Taylor doing Balet

Articy: Would you like to share something from your gaming history?

Mel: One of my first and fondest gaming memories is when I played Jazz Jackrabbit 2 in racing mode with my sister. We shared one keyboard and I played WASD while she used the arrow keys. We were both so good at the game that it was always a very close win.

We are extremely happy to have Mel with us and will do our best to make her feel right at home here at Articy.

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