Starting today we are hosting #NarrativeGameTuesday on our twitter channel.

Working on a narrative game? Great! Simply follow us and reply to our tweet with a short description of your game and a link to your steam page. Add an image or video to make the post more compelling.

We will retweet your post to all our followers for a boost in visibility.

Can’t wait to see what narrative game projects will come up!


Why are you doing this?

It all stems from our love for narrative games and their creators. We want to help small developers get a bit of extra visibility to bring awareness to their game. We know our audience is a great start because most of our followers also love narrative games so they will be well received. Most of us worked in the games industry way before we joined articy and we know full well how hard it is to get some visibility going when you’re just starting out. We feel this is a small thing we can do to support small game creators. No strings attached.

Does my game have to be made with articy:draft to participate in Narrative Game Tuesday?

Definitely not. We love all narrative games not just the ones made with our software. If you do however end up using articy:draft then we’ll be happy to work together on a showcase that will be published on our website and pushed on all our channels for an even greater reach. Contact us at to request a showcase.

How will this help me as a game creator?

Aside from creating awareness around your game, you’ll find that our followers are a very supportive community. So even without the boost in visibility, you can create connections with other creators who love what you love and get a word of encouragement or even tips and advice. There’s no downside really.

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