Starting January 15th 2023 the prices for all articy:draft products and services will be increased to cover higher operating costs that have risen significantly due to global factors in recent times. We are making this change for the first time since the launch of articy:draft 3, more than 5 years ago so we can continue to develop articy:draft and provide our clients with the same level of high quality services and support.

All subscription models will automatically renew at the new price on the next billing date on or after January 15th. Our website will reflect the new prices on the same day. Until then, you can take benefit of the old prices.

For our free users, who are looking to upgrade to a full version, and monthly subscribers this is the best time to get an annual package to enjoy the old prices for several months until the annual subscriptions renews one year from the purchase date. All our existing customers will receive a notification with the new price information for their services and subscriptions.

For any questions related to the new pricing please contact our support team. We thank you for your understanding and support.

For users of articy:draft 3 FREE nothing changes – the free version stays free, of course!

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