Since the launch of the standalone articy:draft 3 FREE, it was exciting to see our community infused with new creative minds and inspiring game writers and narrative designers. We’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback for which we are both humbled and grateful. There’s also been a big surge in suggestions for improvement.

Today we are happy to share with you our brand new update aimed to make game writing even faster and more efficient while addressing some of the most frequent requests coming our way.

Let’s dive right in!

What’s new in 3.2:

👉Favorites is by far our top user request. As the projects grow, our creators want faster access to their most used objects in their narrative design tool.
With this update, you can add objects and even folders as favorites from the articy:draft Navigator, the Flow, or the Content browser.
Once an object or folder is added to favorites, it will get a yellow outline to make it easy to spot in your flow.
You can also access all your favorites faster with the dedicated Favorites folder in the Library tab.

Let’s see this new feature in action:

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👉Enhanced Quick Create – Many of you were looking for ways to speed up your game writing. Time to fasten your seatbelts because creating new dialogue fragments has just gotten faster! By reducing the time needed to create new dialogue fragments, you’ll be able to keep your game writing flow going, without so many interruptions.

No more assigning speaker and templates separately! Now you can create dialogue fragments with both Speaker and Template already assigned and you’ll see useful combinations based on your current flow content already displayed as suggestions.

Give it a try and you’ll see just how fast those dialogue trees can grow!

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👉Autosave – Yes, we’ve heard you, all of you saying how annoying it can be to have to remember to save your project regularly. So we’re taking this one off your hands with the autosave function.

The autosave will be enabled by default, you don’t have to do anything. It triggers automatically every 15minutes after opening the project or the last save.
10 seconds before autosave is about to trigger, you’ll notice a timer in the master toolbar. It looks like this.

articy draft inapp screenshot with autosave timer

If you’re not ready to save yet, you can skip by hitting the cancel button, then articy:draft will wait 15 more minutes before trying to save again. Note the timer will only appear during countdown so don’t worry if you don’t see it all the time.

Now if you like convenience features you’re probably thinking “great, I don’t have to worry about saving all the time” in which case you’re welcome, we are happy to help.

We learned however that some creators still prefer to have full control over when their project is saved. If that’s your preference, then you’re probably less excited at having to cancel the autosave all the time, or maybe 10s time to cancel is not enough or 15minutes is just not the right autosave interval for you.

No worries, you can still disable the autosave, change the display time or adjust the autosave time interval. This may not be apparent at a first glance as we couldn’t swing adding the controls directly in the UI at this time, but you can achieve all of the above through the command line switches below:

To disable autosave use

To change the time between autosaves from 5 to 999 Minutes use
-autosave.Interval 10
* note you’ll need to replace 10 with the desired number of minutes

To change the countdown timer display from 0 to 60 seconds use
autosave.NoticeTime 15
*note you’ll need to replace 15 with the desired number of seconds

If you’re not entirely sure how command line switches work or what other possibilities there are, check out our dedicated blog post here.

👉Multi Assign Speaker – It’s no secret that creative processes involve a lot of iterations. So if you changed your mind about who says what, you can now assign a speaker to multiple nodes at once. Forget all that clicking and re-assigning one by one, simply select multiple nodes and assign a speaker to all of them in one go.

This is how:

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👉Template Project Creation – Many of you are already starting your second or even third project in articy:draft 3, if that’s you, color us impressed, way to go!

We learned that when creators start a new project, they frequently use the same or very similar templates as one of their previous projects. With 3.2, when starting a new project you can save yourself all that time recreating the same templates. Simply opt to import templates from one of your existing projects at project creation, and all features, templates, and property definitions will be copied over to your new projects.

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Easy right? Just remember if objects were used as default values, those will not be copied so they will appear as broken references in your new project. We advise you do a quick conflict search to find and replace them quickly.

👉Enhanced Scripting – We know scripting can be tedious so we’re constantly looking for ways to make it a little easier and more straightforward. With this update you can check the range, increase and decrease values of properties using shorter scripting statements.

This next tutorial will show you exactly how to achieve that.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed the highlights of our latest update and get a chance to try them out soon.
But that’s not all, you can also look forward to performance optimization and many other small yet meaningful improvements to your articy:draft experience. They are too many to list them all here but you can find every single one of them in our changelog.
To get additional details on how each of the improvements work, head over to the help center, all the new additions are marked with the New in 3.2 label.

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