July 2016 Newsletter

Fri 29. Jul 2016, 13:16

July 2016 Newsletter:


We are reworking our tutorial material. In order to dermine what content we should prioritize we kindly ask for your participation in a short two question survey.

We are planning to release new tutorial material and videos. So we’d like to hear from our community what questions should get answered first. As that's something we
can only guess we obviously need your help.

So please take a short break to complete this short two question survey.


Further interesting information

articy:draft Unity plugin early glimpse


We are developing an articy:draft Unity plugin. And - even while it's still in a very early development status - we have a sneak preview video for you here:

Users will be able to transfer articy:draft content directly into Unity in just a few seconds. And the best part is that after you’ve completed the necessary
preparatory steps you don’t even need a programmer for this task anymore.

We are at the Develop in Brighton


From 13 July to 14 July 2016 we will be in Brighton to attend the Develop conference.

We are already excited because taking articy:draft to the UK in person is a premiere for us.
And we can hardly wait to meet all you great folks there.


Get your articy:draft single-user license now! Don't wait any longer and benefit from a
juicy 60% discount on the last day of the Steam Summer Sale!


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