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articy:draft 3 - Tutorial Video Series

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articy:draft 3 - Tutorial Video Series

Posted: Tue 24. Oct 2017, 09:24
by Peter Thielmann
Learn articy:draft 3. Start today! - with our brand new First Steps tutorial video series.

The following link is the YouTube playlist, where you can watch the tutorials completely for free.
With the aid of a fictive project, we make you familiar with articy:drafts workflows and features. You’ll learn to set up a project, write dialogues and later on, also use some of the more advanced scripting possibilities.
In the end, this gives you a great insight of the workflows and features of articy:draft 3.

Of course, the project files for this tutorial series are also available for download:

Re: articy:draft 3 - Tutorial Video Series

Posted: Wed 8. May 2019, 12:40
by JCDescy
Hi, I'm new to Articy. The tutorials look really promising. However somehow I can't open the project files. I created a new project and it opens just fine, even if I open from file. Error message does not seem very helpful. It just states that the project files could not be loaded. Is this a version issue? I noticed the tutorials are from 2017 and I just downloaded Articy yesterday.

Re: articy:draft 3 - Tutorial Video Series

Posted: Tue 14. May 2019, 13:56
by [Articy] Karsten Feyerabend
Hi JDescy,

The issue could be that the length of the file path is too long.

For example if your path to the project file looks something like this: “C:\Users\karsten\Downloads\firststeps_tutorial_projectfiles\articydraft 3 - First Steps Tutorial Project Files\articydraft 3 - First Steps Tutorial 02 project\Tutorial project” it prompts the loading error.

Please try to move the project files up a few levels. After I tried it, the project loaded without any issues.

Best regards,

Re: articy:draft 3 - Tutorial Video Series

Posted: Mon 20. May 2019, 16:21
by JCDescy
That worked. Thank you! :)

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