String formatting

Wed 1. Mar 2017, 01:28

My team is implementing a custom solution for this since articy doesn't seem to have one of its own, but it would be very nice to have a built-in solution in articy:draft to be able to reference things (like player name, correct pronouns for gender, etc) in the text of dialogue fragments.

Something like "Hello, {}!" where Player is the name of an entity referenced by the dialogue fragment. Including global variables in this would be very nice; ChatMapper, for example, allows a syntax like "Hello, [var=PlayerName]!" to reference the global variable PlayerName.
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Re: String formatting

Wed 26. Jun 2019, 04:20

+1. Is there an update on this?
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Re: String formatting

Fri 5. Jul 2019, 17:23

This would be very helpful.
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