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Is there any way to create a list of features in a feature?

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Re: Is there any way to create a list of features in a featu

Posted: Tue 3. Dec 2019, 14:46
by Cameron Haider
Kai Rosenkranz wrote:Hello Kermitt,

Thanks for your feedback. As you've pointed out, it is currently not possible to add features to features. We heard this request a few times recently, mostly in context with modeling an inventory where each item reference also needs a few attributes like amount, stacked, etc.! So it's on our roadmap with high priority.

As a workaround, if you can accept the constraint of having a fixed maximum of stat modifications, you could n pairs of:

Custom Dropdown 'Stats' Stat to be modified || Custom Number Value 'Stat Modifier' Amount

This indicates that it is possible to create a custom type of dropdown list (with all the stats as list entries) or number field (with min and max values). See image below for details:

1) Use context menu to create a property type from a property in your feature
2) Just drag & drop a property onto this field to create a property type from it

This approach avoids the redundancies, but you still have the disadvantage of a fixed amount of "rows", so to speak.

Hope this helps!

Is this still on your "roadmap" as a "high priority"?

There seems to be a few simple limitations which I was not expecting...

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