Entities and other articy objects as script parameters

Tue 25. Jun 2019, 00:41

Hi, I'm currently evaluating Articy Draft for a Unity project and am trying to understand how to hook it up to game code. I understand it is possible to use scripts that correspond to c# methods, and it seems I can pass basic variables to those methods, but I'm not sure how to handle referencing specific entities as method parameters.

As an example: let's say I have a dialogue which has an instruction node to do some effect on an arbitrary character in the game (e.g. "Give me 50 gold and I'll improve your relationship with this other character"). Intuitively I'd write an instruction that'd say "ImproveRelationship(character_ref)". What is the best way to handle this? I suppose I can pass the technical name or object id as a string reference, but that doesn't make for a good workflow (having to manually cross reference id with entity is... yuck). Is there a better way?
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Re: Entities and other articy objects as script parameters

Tue 25. Jun 2019, 14:07

Hi taylank,

We don't have objects as a type in variables, but we allow storing them inside string variables.
So something like this is a valid script:

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Namespace.MyStringVariable = getObj("SomeChar")

You can also access object references in templates and store those in string variables:

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Namespace.MyStringVariable = getProp(getObj("SomeChar"), "Feature.SomeReferenceSlot")

One step further you can use string variables in all places where you use getObj.
For example:

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setProp(Namespace.MyStringVariable, "Inventory.Gold", 50)


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The C# method of ImproveRelationship will receive a string as argument, which is structured as follows: <id>_<instance-id>
The string can be directly put into ArticyDatabase.GetObject in order to receive the ArticyObject of the string representation.

Best regards,

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[Articy] Christian Schildt
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Re: Entities and other articy objects as script parameters

Fri 5. Jul 2019, 11:53

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