Defining functions within Articy

Thu 27. Jun 2019, 18:01

So I see I can call arbitrary c# code from articy instruction nodes once everything is imported into Unity, which is great, but it doesn't help with flow simulation on the Articy side. Is there a way to define functions within Articy itself?

Use case: I have a bunch of instructions that my designer would be using very frequently at various points throughout the flow. Ideally the designer would just use a pre-defined instruction node anytime they need it, without having to worry about entering the code in themselves. More crucially, if the script had to change, it would not have to be changed manually everywhere in the project, but only once in one place and all instances of it would self-update. So that means copy/pasting an instruction all over the place is a non-starter. I can't use a Jump node to reference the instruction either because the output pin from the instruction may need to lead to different places in the flow depending on where it's used.

So a few questions about my options here:
- Is there a way to define a function, like entering it as a string variable, and somehow get it to execute during simulation?
- If the answer to the above is no, is there a way to extend Articy itself to add a new kind of flow fragment that auto-executes a script whenever and wherever it is used?
- Is there a way to define a template with a script field that auto-executes when traversed in the flow?

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