Best Import / Workflow for Outside Script/Document

Fri 28. Jun 2019, 20:05

So I have a script for a game written in Google Docs. Its written in a format that separates the speaker and the spoken text. This format also automatically imports into our game engine.

I just bought a copy of this software (on Steam) as I think as the project grows it will be an incredible tool to keep me organized.

So I have several questions through.

Outside of manually re-creating each dialogue fragment with speaker and text, is there format I can write(change) it in that I can directly import or copy/paste into Articy and create a document? Because not only do I have most of it already written in G Docs, there are times when I am working on it where I don't have access to a real computer, so drafting in docs to put into Articy would be great.

If this type of document import or formatting is not already implemented, I would highly suggest adding it as a feature as I am sure there are others that have script in other formats existing. Also if I am going to have to import by hand each line of text, is there any best practices that can speed that process along?

Thanks for any advice or help ahead of time.
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Re: Best Import / Workflow for Outside Script/Document

Wed 3. Jul 2019, 13:46

I don't know your documents or workflow. Does this help?
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Re: Best Import / Workflow for Outside Script/Document

Wed 3. Jul 2019, 14:20

Thank you for commenting and for the video link. Once I get my script in Articy that is my plan to follow what the video shows.

So I have a game script written currently in this format:

#Speaker A

Spoken Text

#Speaker B

Spoken Text

I need to be able to import this into Articy Draft as a Document so I can display it in the Flow without recreating every single line of dialogue. I am actually looking to see if I can find a programmer to code a plugin for me since it appear Articy does not support any kind of direct document import. I posted a listing in the MDK section of the forum if you are interested.
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