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Requirements for Articy:server on Amazon EC2

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Requirements for Articy:server on Amazon EC2

Posted: Tue 17. Feb 2015, 15:38
by CSPlusC
Hi! I've been collaborating with a friend with us both using the Steam editions of Articy, and while we've managed to roughly work together via a traditional SVN setup we've ran into problems accidentally over-writing each other's work and not being able to merge changes, and are considering getting Articy:server indie edition. The one hitch is that we would need to get a Windows server, and as we work remotely we don't have a central place to install one. So,I'm wondering if anyone has gotten an Amazon EC2 Windows server for this purpose, and if it will do what we need.

I took a look at Amazon's pricing, and there is a dramatic difference between "just" Windows vs Windows and Web SQL Server or Windows and Standard SQL Server. Would Articy server run on just a basic Windows Server install? And if anyone has used Amazon EC2 for it, I'd appreciate any warnings or gotchas to look out for.


Re: Requirements for Articy:server on Amazon EC2

Posted: Wed 18. Feb 2015, 12:53
by [Articy] Martin Gebske
Hello CSPlusC!

In this case I'd recommend you to contact our sales Team. If you're switching from the Steam Edition to the Indie Bundle (including the Articy Server) they can make you a fair offer.

I hope this helps,


Re: Requirements for Articy:server on Amazon EC2

Posted: Thu 19. Feb 2015, 18:13
by CSPlusC
Thanks Martin! I did indeed contact them and got a trial key for Articy:Server, and tried installing it onto an Amazon EC2 instance. Long story short it all worked, and in case it helps someone else here is a log of my steps:
  • Login to Amazon AWS. If you are a new customer you can sign-up for the free usage tier which should be sufficient for just Articy server
  • From the console select "EC2" in the top-left corner
  • Click on Instances and Launch Instance
  • Select "Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Base"
  • Select the first option "General Purpose" and "t2.micro" as the barebones performance is all you will need. I just accepted the default 30GB of storage
  • Go through customizing settings. I only changed two parts:
    • I gave the instance a tag, which is just for your identification purposes
    • Under security groups I opened these ports:
      • HTTPS (Amazon has it as one of the predefined options, it maps to port 443)
      • 16707 for Articy
      • 3389 for Remote Desktop
      • Make sure all ports are open to “Anywhere”, unless you want to restrict access to a set public IP address.
  • When you get to launch details, create a new keypair and download it so that you can get the password to access the server. Make sure you keep this .pem file in a safe place as it is your guaranteed way to get back in
  • Amazon currently requires you to wait 4 minutes to get the login password. After starting the instance you will be taken back to the instance manager screen, from there allow 4 minutes to pass
  • Once the time is up, right-click on your new instance and select “Get Windows Password” You will be prompted to select the .pem file you generated in the prior step
  • Amazon will reply with your default login. In my case, it was user account “Administrator” and a random string of letters and numbers
  • Next, right-click on the instance and select “Connect”. It will show you a menu with the option “Download Remote Desktop File” which you should acquire
  • Double-click on the downloaded RDP file and run it, then login with the password above. If you get in, then your Amazon setup is done and the rest is a normal Articy server install

Re: Requirements for Articy:server on Amazon EC2

Posted: Fri 20. Feb 2015, 08:04
by [Articy] Martin Gebske
Hey CSPluC,

That's great to hear!
Thank you for sharing your experiences here!

If there are any questions, just shoot me a line.


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