Missing text in navigator & content browser tiles

Wed 6. Jan 2016, 15:31

UPDATE This problem was addressed and solved with the 2.4.11 version which uses a rewritten Textrenderer with automatic font fallback handling

Users in eastern countries with special characters may encounter the problem that their text does not show up in the navigator or content browser tiles.

Unfortunately the Microsoft low level text rendering methods do not support font switching and the default font of articy:draft (which is the western windows default font) is missing those characters.

articy:draft tries to sense such systems by querying the system locale and tries to adjust accordingly. If this fails (if the system is installed as English system but used to work in Japanese or Korean for example) articy:draft can still be forced to use a specific font set.

To force this, a new startup parameter needs to be added to the target property of a desktop shortcut or the launch options of articy:draft SE in Steam.

For Steam: Right-click on articy:draft SE in your library, choose "Properties". In the now open dialog press "set launch options...".
For Desktop-Shortcuts: Right-click on the shortcut, choose "Properties", focus the target property and move to the end of the text.

If the text in the text-box is not empty, add a space at the end. After that enter

-fontset <fontset>

and replace <fontset> with one of the following 3 letter name that matches your language:

KOR - Korean fonts
JAP - Japanese fonts
THA - Thai fonts
HEB - Hebrew fonts
CHS - simplyfied Chinese
CHT - traditional Chinese
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