Using the "server maintenance notification"

Thu 25. Aug 2016, 10:33

If you want to use the "server maintenance notification" that is available starting with version 2.4.11 on your own articy:server you need to create an XML file called MaintenanceMessage.xml structured like the example below:

Code: Select all
  <!-- custom header (optional part)-->
     <Header Lang="en">Upcoming server maintenance: Aug, 1st - 20:00 (CEST)</Header>
     <Header Lang="de">Ankündigung von Wartungsarbeiten: 1.08. - 20:00 (CEST)</Header>
  <!-- required text, at least one with Lang="en" -->
      <Text Lang="en"><![CDATA[We want to inform you that a server maintenance is planned for

[col=#ffa61a][b]Monday, 1st August 2016[/b][/col] from about [col=#FFa61a][b]8pm to 9PM CEST[/b] (6 PM until 7 PM UTC)[/col]

Please ensure you have saved you work and logged out from the server.

We thank you for your kind understanding.
Your Nevigo team.]]></Text>
      <Text Lang="de"><![CDATA[Mit dieser Nachricht möchten wir Sie darauf hinweisen, dass am

[col=#ffa61a][b]Montag dem 1. August 2016[/b][/col] in der Zeit von [col=#ffa61a][b]20:00 Uhr bis 21:00 Uhr CEST[/b] (18:00 Uhr bis 19:00 Uhr UTC)[/col]

Wartungsarbeiten an Ihrem Server geplant sind.

Bitte stellen Sie sicher, das sie bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt ihre Arbeit gespeichert und sich vom Server abgemeldet haben.

Wir danken für Ihr Verständnis.
Ihr Nevigo Team.]]></Text>

The <headers> tag is optional. If it is missing a generic message will appear in the ribbon


You may specify the texts in multiple UI languages, but the Lang="en" must always be present, because it is the ultimate fallback language. You are free to use "your" language message here, but articy:drafts UI language switch uses the given Lang attributes to select the proper text.

The <Text> tag contain the full message text. Here you can use simple BB markup add some emphasis to the dates for example


After writing this XML file you should place it into the DB folder of your articy:server installation. The articy:server will scan this folder every 10 minutes and pick up the message. If a change is detected any connected clients gets the message pushed to them as well as any new connected client.

If you want to change the polling frequency or the path use for searching you can use the following extra configuration parameters of the articyserver.cfg file

Code: Select all
; polling interval Time in Minutes, min 1, max 300
-mm.interval 1

; multiple search paths possible, separate with ';', first hit is used
-mm.searchpaths D:\Messages;C:\Program Files\articyserver 2\db

A server restart is required to use any changed configuration parameter, changing a message is possible "on-the-fly"
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