[Known Issue] Unity Plugin crash on import in Unity 5.5

Wed 15. Feb 2017, 15:35

Hello everyone,

currently Unity version 5.5 can crash when using the ArticyImporter Plugin. This happens usually when a new import file is parsed. It seems to be related to changes to the data layout or enabling/disabling localization support.
This is a bug inside Unity and after reporting it to Unity, they confirmed it and told us that it is fixed in Unity 5.6. We have tested the current Beta of Unity 5.6 and can confirm that the crash won't occur anymore.

To clarify: This crash will shut down the editor, show a crash report dialog and you have to restart Unity (any unsaved progress could be lost). Once restarted the plugin will continue to import. Besides that, everything should work as expected.

Side note: The dissappearing ProgressBar while still importing, should also be fixed in that version.

Thank you for your understanding

Nico Probst
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