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Difference between the Steam and non-Steam version

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Difference between the Steam and non-Steam version

Posted: Thu 9. Jul 2015, 12:39
by [Articy] Peter Sabath
We are often asked about the difference between the Steam and non-Steam version.

The short answer is: Nothing

Both versions have exactly the same features set and use the same storage format for the project data.

The longer answer is: There is a slight difference in handling the license.

The Steam version uses the Steam platform supplied licensing API to ensure that articy:draft is only started once on any computer at any given time.
The non-Steam version uses our own license-server and you need to register your license key to use articy:draft. Doing so will bind the license to that computer. If you want to use articy:draft on another computer you first need to unregister the license on the old computer an re-register it on the other one.

This can be done in articy:draft itself or if you have forgotten to do so and can't access that computer by using our unregister web-form here.
You need to provide you license key and will receive a security token via e-mail to confirm the request.

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