Multi-Computer Usage - Single User - Direct DL (Not Steam)

Tue 28. Jan 2014, 04:41

Hello Team Nevigo and Forum Community!

I saw on the forums a question regarding using the same Articy: Draft SE (Single User) license across multiple machines via verified Steam Account. However, I am very interested in purchasing this wonderful utility as a direct download from Nevigo as opposed to going through Steam and I am curious to know flexibility of the Single User License (Articy: Draft 2 Single User) if it is possible to install it on 2 machines (ie my desktop and personal laptop) so that I may take my work with me on the go but still have access to my formal workstation for longer sessions.

Of course, I would not need to access both simultaneously it's just a matter of user convenience for me. Perhaps it is as simple as authenticating with Nevigo server on the other machine at launch so I could use the software on one machine at a time (similar to Steam) with my Single User license, etc? I read through the EULA and Legal Terms and didn't see any specific wording on this and haven't been able to find any information regarding this particular question elsewhere on the internets...

Does the Direct Download from Nevigo for Articy: Draft 2 Single User license allow for use on multiple machines (but for single user only one at a time) similar to the same flexibility allowed by the Steam version?

Does anyone have any experience with this or perhaps the Nevigo Team would have better input? Thanks in advance for your help - this software really does look amazing btw.
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Re: Multi-Computer Usage - Single User - Direct DL (Not Stea

Tue 28. Jan 2014, 08:29

Hi there!

First of all: Yes, you are allowed to use articy:draft on multiple machines (just not simultaneously, of course). If you're not using the steam version, the solution for this is a little bit less convenient, but it still works.

You can save your project in something like Dropbox or Google Drive to access it from multiple machines. Just make sure that the synchronization is 100% finished before you open the project on another pc.

To use articy:draft on different machines you must unregister your license key on the one and register it on the other, which is done with just a few clicks. So, as long as you remember to unregister/register your license key before you leave the house, everything is fine. ;)
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Julius Kuschke
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Re: Multi-Computer Usage - Single User - Direct DL (Not Stea

Tue 28. Jan 2014, 13:30

Ah nice, thanks for the quick reply Julius that seems like a very reasonable solution.

I just had one other question, is there any advantage to buying the direct download through Nevigo vs. Steam? Or put another way, are there any features or functionality for articy:draft 2 (Single User) that are not on the Steam version?

The reason I ask is that as an international buyer, it is more affordable for me to buy via Steam due to currency conversion of the list price ($198USD on Steam vs. $198€ [$270USD] on Nevigo). I always like to support developers directly when possible, I just want to know if I buy this particular version (a:d2 single user) on Steam if I miss out on anything (perhaps upgrading to 3.0 in the future, or perhaps the SE version has slightly different or less features?) From what I understand the only difference is that the Steam version can't be upgraded to multi-user and perhaps has slightly longer wait for updates to be released.

Sorry for this convoluted query, it is just a considerable purchase for me I want to be sure I make the most informed decision. Thanks for your help, either way I look forward to using this great dev tool and supporting Nevigo in the future.
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Re: Multi-Computer Usage - Single User - Direct DL (Not Stea

Tue 28. Jan 2014, 20:10

I found an answer to my second question in a previous thread here:

For those who are curious about which version to buy, it looks as though there is absolutely no difference between the Steam Version of articy:draft 2 and the local download direct from Nevigo, it's just a matter of personal preference in terms of the following conditions:

+ Less expensive for North American market as cost is native US currency (currently $199USD for articy:draft 2 Single-User Non-commercial package).
+ Easy integrated access of Single User license across multiple machines as it is authenticated via Steam account wherever you go.
- No support for Multi-User Upgrade
- Potential delays between update releases as they are tested for Steam

+ Can use across multiple machines**
+ Full support for Multi-User and all other upgrades or services direct from Nevigo developer.
+ Immediate access to updates as soon as Nevigo releases to retail.
- More expensive for North American market as cost is in Euro currency (roughly $270USD for Single-User Non-commercial package).
- **license must be unregistered and re-registered every time you migrate between machines with Single User license (just a few clicks though).

I hope this helps any potential users decide which version of the Single User license makes more sense for them. It would appear as though buying through Steam is more efficient for the independent single user (especially if they live in North America) given the price and slight convenience of using on multiple machines via Steam account rather than manually re-registering license key between machines while the main benefit of direct download is faster access to future updates and versions and full support of all other services including multi-user, server, and access, etc.

Of course keep in mind these prices and policies are based on retail as of today's date and may no longer be applicable depending on when you read this.
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Re: Multi-Computer Usage - Single User - Direct DL (Not Stea

Fri 7. Oct 2016, 16:34

I am presently doing this unregister workflow but this gets ridiculous when going in and out of my workstation to laptop use. Can't you do what Steam does and ping your server to let me run either computer so long as only one is connected online at a time? I think this is essential to using Articy with a desktop/laptop as register/unregister will break me if I forget or dond't have time. lets me fix it without going all the way to the machine to unregister but it is still unnecessary to have to do this to interrupt my usage of this excellent product.
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Re: Multi-Computer Usage - Single User - Direct DL (Not Stea

Wed 9. Nov 2016, 09:53

Hi Primerist,

I understand that you find it uncomfortable to toggle your licence key back and forth. Of course, we could change this. However, if our licence check would work like the one from steam an essential requirement would be to be always online. Personally, I think in comparison with other software we are pretty flexible, since you just need to unregister your key rather than having to uninstall the software.

But anyway, what I'am able to offer you is that we enable you to use the Steam version. We could "exchange" your licence with one that works for the Steam version. If that is something that might help you, please contact us through the forum or even better - write us a short mail to and refer to this thread please.
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Peter Thielmann
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Re: Multi-Computer Usage - Single User - Direct DL (Not Stea

Wed 9. Jan 2019, 19:50


Has something changed since 2016? I would also be very interested running Articy on two machines without running Steam.
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