Articy:draft Localization / multilanguage

Wed 2. Mar 2016, 01:56

Hello, I'm having problems setting up my articy:draft project with localization. I'm using Articy:draft + Unity with Dialogue System Plugin.
Didn't find any doc explaining how do I setup localization in articy itself. Can someone link or explain how to?

Relates to: ... ?f=3&t=505

Thank you.
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Re: Articy:draft Localization / multilanguage

Wed 2. Mar 2016, 02:50

I may have jumped the gun when implementing localization import in the Dialogue System for Unity.

Based on this Nevigo post in 2014, I assumed localization support was added. When the post said, "I can promise it for the next service release," I read this as referring to localization support, but I see now that Peter was only referring to the ability to "provide the sole information of the checkbox as part of the PropertyInfo class of the API."

When I tested localization import, I did exactly what you did, zpr. I manually added the localization lines just so I could confirm the Dialogue System's functionality, assuming that the next service release of articy:draft would also include this. (For followup on the Dialogue System side of this, please refer to the Dialogue System forum thread.)

Nevigo - If I've also missed something and articy:draft now actually does have localization support, please let me know, too. Sorry if I caused any confusion.
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Re: Articy:draft Localization / multilanguage

Fri 31. Jan 2020, 13:33


The Dialogue System for Unity's articy:draft documentation is here: Importing articy:draft

The section on localization is here: Localization in articy:draft

If you can't find the Dialogue System's articy:draft localization importer referenced in the documentation, you can download the latest version from the Dialogue System Extras page (direct download link).
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