What is the point of XLSX export (for re-import)?

Fri 20. Oct 2017, 15:22

I understand how something like this could be used in theory, but I was playing around with it and found that it can't:

- Import anything from one project into a different project
- Import anything into your project that doesn't already exist in your project

So literally all it can do is import properties on existing objects. Doesn't that make it kind of useless? If I export a checkpoint and then delete an object, I can't use that export to restore the deleted object, though I don't know why I'd do that instead of just backing up the project folder itself. If I export something to share my progress with someone else working on the same project, they can't import any new pieces I've added. If I want to export and import into a new project, I can't (though there are the 'clone project' and 'export template' options that are much better for that anyway).

I understand you want to encourage people to use a multi-user license of articy if they need to collaborate, but I just can't come up with any reason other than the above to use the export for re-import at all, and collaboration is the only one of those that doesn't have another superior option even in single-user. So... what is it actually intended to be used for with those kinds of limitations? It seems useless. If I already have all the objects described in the import file, what's the point of the import? Without being able to create objects that aren't present I just can't come up with a use case.
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Re: What is the point of XLSX export (for re-import)?

Wed 25. Oct 2017, 07:56

Hi ShadauxCat,

The XLSX export for re-import can be used for example if you want someone to check/proofread your dialogue lines.

Another use case would be if you plan on doing bulk changes anywhere in your project (for example restructuring all your technical names), or do something like a balancing pass on your project’s weapons. That might just be more convenient in Excel, with a table view, Search/Replace, and the possibility of using forms.

Best regards,
[Articy] Karsten Feyerabend
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Articy Staff
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Re: What is the point of XLSX export (for re-import)?

Fri 1. Jun 2018, 18:55

I find it handy to export/import between desktop and laptop.
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