Date format in Annotations

Fri 22. Mar 2019, 10:37

Hi! I've had my eyes on articy for a long time, but not really had any use for it until now. I really love using it, makes things so much easier overall.

Now to my question, is there any way to change the date format in "Annotations" to non-American?

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Re: Date format in Annotations

Mon 25. Mar 2019, 10:55

Hi Madde,

the date format is bound to the UI language, so it changes with the selected language.

So the only way to change it is to edit the localization files of articy:draft and specify your own date format.

To do so do the following:

  • Copy the file ArticyEditor.tpk from C:\Program Files\articy draft 3\bin\texts to your desktop.
  • Edit the copy with an Editor that is capable of editing UTF-8 encoded files (Notepad or Notepad++ will work fine).
  • Search for "ShortDateFormat". (In my file it is in line 11124)
  • Locate the line starting with <Text Lang="en"> it contains the text {0:d}
  • Change the text to a date format string of you liking. E.g. {0:dd.MM.yyyy} (Documentation of the format specifiers can be found here.)
  • Save the file
  • Copy the file back to C:\Program Files\articy draft 3\bin\texts. (The UAC asks your for permission. Confirm with "Yes".)

Since files unter C:\Program Files are protected by the system you need to make the copy. The editor would fail when saving unless started with administrator rights.

Keep in mind that this date format is used at different places (e.g. in the tooltip if an project in the project list, as publishing date in the In-App notifications list, ...)
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