dialogue vs. flow fragment

Wed 5. Jun 2019, 03:22

Sorry, beginner question:

When do I use a dialogue and when do I use flow fragments? If dialogue fragments are contained within a container, should that container always be a dialogue, or are there times when it should be a flow fragment?

Jason in MN
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Re: dialogue vs. flow fragment

Fri 14. Jun 2019, 12:06

From what I understand, dialogue and dialogue fragments are both specific types of flow fragments (which in turn are specific types of flow objects). If you select a dialogue and hit F8 you can see in the References tab that it holds a list of all speakers in the dialogue. The basic flow fragment doesn't have that.

Hope that helps. :)

Edit: Another thing I just noticed: flow fragments like dialogues are obviously container objects. Both get that little expand/collapse icon in the project navigation. So you can submerge into a dialogue as well as into a flow fragment, but you cannot submerge into a dialogue fragment.
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Re: dialogue vs. flow fragment

Tue 18. Jun 2019, 01:09

Thank you!
Jason in MN
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