Potential Variable State in Branch.Path

Fri 16. Nov 2018, 21:40

Is there anyway to retrieve the variable State that would exist at the end of a branch.path without running it? I know the FlowPlayer secretly evaluates the path, supposedly storing var changes as part of the evaluation, and correctly does so without making any actual variable changes, but is there any way to access that evaluation through the "branch" type?
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Re: Potential Variable State in Branch.Path

Mon 19. Nov 2018, 09:04

Hi deepspectrum,

no this is not possible at this time, unfortunately. But i will add it to our feature request list. One possible solution could be to give the ObjectNotificationManager a flag that allows it to call the Listener, even when inside a forecast. That way you could add this tracking yourself.

The currently only solution would be to actually play the branch, track any changes and revert them. Not really effective, but not as worse as it sounds performance wise, if you take caution for any side effects like your custom methods or any other registered notification listeners.

Sorry for not giving you a better answer.

Best regards

Nico Probst
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