Feature request - group items in Articy panel by folders

Sun 25. Aug 2019, 06:54

Hi all,

Great work on this plugin! My only gripe is that within Unity, the Articy tab shows all objects as a flat list. Can this be grouped into expanders based on the folder structure within the Articy:draft project? It would make it considerably more user-friendly for other people on the team to browse and see what objects are in the project.

This may be a limitation of Unity, but don't ask don't get!

Many thanks!
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Re: Feature request - group items in Articy panel by folders

Mon 26. Aug 2019, 08:47

Hi RisingSun,

Thank you for the kind words!
To be honest, the list is that bare bone because i almost wouldn't have left it in. It was just a debug feature for me while developing the plugin. I later decided that it is especially beneficial if you use the cloning/spawning feature, as this list will show those objects with their clone id.
I make a note of that request, but currently it would be unlikely.

Best regards

Nico Probst
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