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ArticyFlowPlayer issues

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ArticyFlowPlayer issues

Posted: Sat 1. Feb 2020, 12:53
by RisingSun

I've been having several issues with the ArticyFlowPlayer.

Unfortunately I cannot attach an image because of the size restrictions on this forum.
(The image must be at least 0 pixels wide, 0 pixels high and at most 600 pixels wide and 0 pixels high. The submitted image is 1451 pixels wide and 1190 pixels high.) It has to be at most 0 pixels high?? :cry: )

I have a single Flow Fragment with 4 branches out to 4 Dialogue Fragments.

Code: Select all
                                            ---> Dialogue Fragment A
                                            ---> Dialogue Fragment B
                                            ---> Dialogue Fragment C
                                            ---> Dialogue Fragment D

I get a pause event for the Flow Fragment, and then based on some weights, randomly select one of the 4 branches. I then call Play(Branch) on the randomly selected branch from the FlowPlayer.AvailableBranches collection (which contains 4 branches) but after that, Dialogue Fragments never get paused on.

My Flow Player is set up to pause on everything. The selected branch Path also includes the FlowFragment, then the InputPin to the FlowFragment, then the FlowFragment again, and then finally the outgoing pin, outgoing connection etc.. and finally Dialogue Fragments. This looks very wrong. :?

Thanks for any assistance, this doesn't seem very intuitive to me.

Re: ArticyFlowPlayer issues

Posted: Sat 1. Feb 2020, 14:09
by RisingSun
Okay, seems to be the same issue as the other posts on this forum - OnBranchesUpdated happens after the OnPause callback. If I wait for OnBranchesUpdated then the branch.Paths list is correct. If I don't wait, then the branches Paths list is incorrect.

Easy enough to work around but very confusing ;)

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