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Reset entites and vars

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Reset entites and vars

Posted: Fri 28. Feb 2020, 10:19
by Dureo
Hi, i'm using Articy:draft with unity and want to allow player to start a new game when he already started and modified some values on entites.

I tried:
Code: Select all

But after call these lines and reload my scenes the values on the values of entites still changed and has no its original values.

How can I reset all my Articy vars and entites to the original values of the Project?

Thank you

Re: Reset entites and vars

Posted: Mon 2. Mar 2020, 16:58
by [Articy] Christian Schildt
Hi Dureo,

the code you tried should work.
Could it be that you are working on old references after clearing the database? Clearing the database basically unloads all packages and loads the default ones afterwards. That means, that you have to get the objects from the database again.

Best regards,


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