Any way to change or customize folder name for exporting?

Sun 6. Dec 2020, 18:09


When I do a Unity export, it puts everything inside Resources folder automatically. Is there any way to get it not to? Trying to move away from Resources as Unity themselves recommends "Don't use it." directly in their official documentation: ... 002053b5a7

3.1. Best Practices for the Resources System
Don't use it.

So yeah, we are moving away from this extremely problematic folder, but it is a real pain to move folders every single time on export. Any way around this? Thank you.
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Re: Any way to change or customize folder name for exporting

Wed 9. Dec 2020, 17:05

Hi Raidenthequick,

currently, the plugin is designed to use the Resources folder, but we will reevaluate it.
If moving the files away from the Resources folder after an import works for you, you can use the delegate importStateChanged to automate that process.

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