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Inconsistent Plugin Loading

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Inconsistent Plugin Loading

Posted: Wed 26. Apr 2017, 22:47
by tcarter
I've been noticing inconsistent loading of plugins in Articy both while testing from Visual Studio and running release builds. My plugin builds, and Articy shows its information with a checkmark next to it, but it doesn't actually have the plugin loaded. My plugin adds some dropdown options, but they aren't initially visible. If I restart Articy between 1 and 8 times, then they show up. Is anyone noticing this behavior? Is this a known issue?

Re: Inconsistent Plugin Loading

Posted: Thu 27. Apr 2017, 10:20
by [Articy] Peter Sabath
We never encountered this behavior.

  • Have you enabled the plugin log with the -api.pluginlog switch and took a look at the log file?
  • When you write the the plugin is not loaded, have you checked if the assembly is missing from the articydraft.exe process or is it your assumption because you do not see the dropdown entries?
  • Writing to the plugins log file also might give you a clue what is going wrong.
  • Have you checked if your plugin does not throw exceptions that prevent the entries from being added.

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