Integrating with Trello

Tue 2. May 2017, 20:04

Hi All,
I'm new to the forum.

Lastnight I started working on an integration to connect Draft up to Trello for some basic Task Management features.
Since Draft does not really have a task management stack inside it, I figured I would take advantage of my teams existing experience in Trello and tie the 2 together.
So far I have had good success communicating between the 2 platforms and doing 2-way data pushes for basic things, so I have a working proof of concept.

I wanted to know if anyone else here would find this helpful and if so what kinds of things would be useful for you?
In my team's workflow for example, when we have a new character for example, there are about 10 things that need to happen on various parts of our team to get it production ready.
Im setting up a template that you can right click a new character in Draft, and send it to Trello with those 10 tasks ready and assigned to the right team members....thats working.
So, if I spent more time on this tool, would you use it?

John Rossitter
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