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Populating Drop-Down Enums

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Populating Drop-Down Enums

Posted: Wed 14. Jun 2017, 00:25
by tcarter
Hi, I'm wanting to populate a drop-down list for my users through code. Is this possible?
I've got ObjectProxy -> Template -> Feature -> PropertyDefintion for a drop-down, but am not sure at which level I'd manipulate the available options. I get the feeling that the property value on the Object proxy is just some sort of int or technical name pointer to the available values of the list, and imagine that the list itself is defined in the Feature. I can get the Feature through a query, but don't see any properties for adding/removing values. Basically, I want the editor to check some values of the custom properties of an ObjectProxy, then restrict valid choices in the enum to some subset.

Re: Populating Drop-Down Enums

Posted: Mon 19. Jun 2017, 09:35
by [Articy] Peter Sabath

with the current API it is not possible to modify Templates/Features/Properties in any way.
The objects are only accessible as readonly values.

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