Problem Updating Database (Workaround found)

Wed 29. May 2019, 15:19


I successfully exported my articy project and can access entities via Blueprint. However I found a small typo in a text. So I went over to articy, corrected the typo and did a new export. However Unreal still shows me the text with the typo, no matter what I try. I alread tried reloading the database, reimporting everything via the plugin settings dialogue, reimporting parts, recompiling everything and nothing etc. But the typo always showed up, so somehow I always got the old version of the database, although Unreal asked me if I wanted to reimport the file and I accepted.

As I am writing this post, I have found a workaround: I deleted the articyue4 file from the Content folder and did a fresh export from articy. Now it works. However it would be convenient, if I didn't need to do this. However if you are struggling with this problem, this could help. I really can't tell where the problem lies. After export from articy, the articyue4 file always had a new timestamp and as mentioned Unreal (or the articy plugin in Unreal) recognised it as changed.

All the best!
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