Detecting inheritance for custom properties

Mon 1. May 2017, 21:06

I've defined some custom text properties, and would like to iterate through the properties of an ObjectProxy and execute some code if they inherit from one of these custom properties. I'm trying something like...

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List<string> MyCustomPropertyNames = new List<string> {"foo","bar"};

foreach (var property in obj.GetAvailableProperties())
   var info = obj.GetPropertyInfo(property);
   if (MyCustomPropertyNames.Contains(info.DataType.ToString()))

... but info.DataType is always giving me Text. Is there a way to check for what the name of the inherited custom property is?
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Re: Detecting inheritance for custom properties

Tue 2. May 2017, 21:06

The GetAvailableProperties() method already return the names you are looking for.

If the name contains a dot '.' the property comes from a feature and has the form
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<feature-technical name>.<property-technical name>

if you need to check for a specific template you can use the
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obj["TemplateName"] as String

to check for a specific template technical name
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